Hanging Butterfly Crystal Wind Chimes Sun Catchers


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Our decorative wind chime pendants are made with premium quality artificial crystal with stainless steel butterfly shape ornament, looks clear, delicate, durable, and that’s why these pendants have colorful light reflections.
In addition to the crystals, the middle part of each wind chime pendant is designed with a butterfly-shaped metal piece that looks like a butterfly waving its wings and suspended in the air, matched with crystal pendants that reflect colorful light, making the whole wind chime pendant More beautiful and charming.
These wind chime pendants add a touch of vivid to your home or office decor with these stunning crystal sun catchers. They will create the most beautiful reflections when the sunlight or any other kind of lights hits them.
You can use these elaborate wind chime pendents both indoors and outdoors. So feel free to hang them on your curtains, chandeliers, windows, walls, plants, or car, etc.


Sha: Butterfly

Size: Total length: 36 cm
Packing: Wind Chime Pendant * 1 pc



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