The Eye Crystal Wind Chime Sun Catcher


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Crystal light-catching jewelry is made of K9 crystal, advanced cutting technology, flawless, good refraction effect
Durable these light-harvesting decorations seem to be fragile and easily scratched, but they are actually very durable. They hardly become cloudy or tarnished.
The crystal light-catching jewelry gleams in the sun. As a light-catching ornament hung on a window, this light-catching ornament produces beautiful reflections. When sunlight shines from different angles, it will reflect different lighting effects.
Crystal light-catching decoration is suitable for many occasions, such as Christmas tree decoration, parties, chandeliers, walls, baby rooms, cars, plants, curtains, balconies.


Shape: The Eye

Size: length 40CM 
Material: K9 crystal
Packing: 1 x Wind Chime  
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